Tuesday, 7 May 2013

First Ten Minutes Gameplay Of Remember Me

A new video recently surfaced for the first 10 minutes gameplay footage of Capcom's upcoming game Remember Me. While the playthrough doesn't show much "gameplay" per se, it does give a good idea of what the game's premise is, and from what I saw, I got even more excited for this game!
I'll leave you folks with the footage.

What do you guys think of what you've seen so far?

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Saints Row IV Meet the President Trailer

Saints Row IV is unabashedly not afraid to be off-the-walls insane, and the latest trailer centered ont you as the president proves it!

With a release date of August 20th (nearly a full month before GTA V) Saints Row IV will up the ante for craziness against Grand Theft Auto's more refined storytelling. Jeez, who'd have that we'd be saying "refined" and "GTA" in the same sentence? In the end though, GTA and SR are two sides to the same coin and can provide enough entertainment for anyone, and we cannot wait for late summer/early fall to explore both worlds!

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Sony E3 Conference Schedule

It’s TIME (Bruce Buffer’s voice as he glorifies every introduction with an added raw and alluring kick) for what Sony fans have all been anxious to see. With E3 only one short month away, Sony has revealed their conference schedule. On June 10th, a Monday, they will without a doubt bring the actual PS4 console into the light, for then we will be able to marvel at its indefinite glory. To be a tad bit more specific, they will begin at 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time/9:00 P.M. Eastern.
What’s more to this is the fact that Sony is to proceed after Microsoft’s conference. Both Microsoft and Ubisoft have scheduled their conferences for an earlier time of the same day. Will this work to Sony’s advantage? Will they be able to crush whatever goodies Microsoft may drop on the battlefield?
If you are like the majority who isn’t blessed with the opportunity of physically attending E3, the event will most likely be live streamed. Although Sony or any other big name companies haven’t spoken on it, it’s almost a guarantee. E3 is the biggest thing to happen to gaming each year, and players worldwide will want to feast their eyes upon this event one way or another; so, count on a live stream.
I’m anxious for this event, as the heavy hitters of the gaming industry will drop epic bombshells. Furthermore, we will (hopefully) get to see the actual PS4 console in all of its pristinely designed beauty. I can’t wait! A month and a couple days longer and the next-generation will officially be in our grips.

Rambo : The Video Game Details and Images

If ever on a day I was feeling depressed or felt my masculinity was, for whatever reason, challenged, then I had the perfect solution: Rambo. Watching those movies filled with constant gunfights, blood splatters, explosions and overall violence put me back on my manly track. That’s not to say it inspired or encouraged me to behave similarly, but it uplifted my mood. You dig? Anyhow, Reef Entertainment is now undergoing the development of a Rambo video game called, well, Rambo: The Video Game.
They’ve recently sent a new screenshot and detailed a few things over to VG247. New game play and combat features were a list of the things informed. Below is the screenshot where Rambo is in a dark, camouflaged jungle with his trusty dagger, which is – I hope – about to be driven unmercifully into the unsuspecting victim’s throat! Oh, that sounds purely ruthless.

Here are the details below, courtesy of VG247.
Shoot-Out: All-out action in fixed-perspective shoot-outs – players will need to make tactical use of cover-options to survive the enemy onslaught. Mini-missions, multiple-paths, quick-time-events, interactive scenery and more than 25 enemy types will keep player’s adrenaline-pumping.
Destruction: Unleash heavy weapons such as the M60, explosive-tipped arrows and time-bombs. Cause some wide-spread damage against hard-targets. Take control in iconic scenes from the films such as Rambo’s destruction of the Police Station in First Blood.
QTE-Fight: Authentic fight scenes from the movies are recreated in third-person, quick-time-events sequences.
Fixed-Gun & Vehicle: Take aim of gun turrets and rocket launchers in an array of authentic fixed-gun and vehicle sections from Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III
Stealth-Hunt: Fixed-perspective infiltrations through forests and enemy-camps armed with Rambo’s trademark Bow and Knife. Dodge search-lights and time your bow attacks perfectly to silently eliminate enemies from the shadows. Knife sections will give players the choice of lethal or non-lethal force.
Bosses: Boss showdowns and take-downs from the films – everything from Rambo’s single, explosive bow strike on Lieutenant Tay to shredding Russian helicopters with the DShK 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun.
This sounds promising. It seems as if the movies hugely influence and formed the frameworks for this game. All classical Rambo elements such as explosions, massive guns, muddy terrains, and nasty “Bosses” will all be a part of the experience. No word on what consoles or a date of release was given yet, but more details will flow smoothly as time passes. This game looks good, and having been a fan of Rambo for years now, it’s got my attention!

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts Trailer Released, Expect Live Gameplay Reveal at Xbox Unveiling May 21st

A gameplay-less teaser trailer for the rumored title, Call of Duty Ghosts, released on the top selling first person shooter's YouTube channel earlier today. Coinciding with the trailer, Activision released a statement confirming that Call of Duty Ghosts will have a live demo at Microsoft's next generation console unveiling on May 21st. The publisher also confirmed rumors that the new Call of Duty title will feature a new engine for next generation consoles.
The trailer featured historical and current masked soldiers intimidatingly staring into the camera as a narrator spoke about the importance of masks to different cultures and what they could mean for the game's main characters.
"There are those who wear masks to hide; and those who wear masks to show us what they stand for. To inspire. To unite. To defy. To strike fear at the hearts of their enemies, and hope in the hearts of their followers. There are those who wear masks to protect themselves and there are those who wear masks to protect us all," said the narrator

The former Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk publisher also unmasked rumors that the title will be developed by the original Call of Duty developer, Infinity Ward. Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin expressed excitement in Activision's press release about having the privilege of creating a new Call of Duty that does not take place in the bi-annual Modern Warfare series universe, created by Infinity Ward.
"Everyone was expecting us to make Modern Warfare 4, which would have been the safe thing to do. But we're not resting on our laurels... We saw the console transition as the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter for Call of Duty. So we're building a new sub-brand, a new engine, and a lot of new ideas and experiences for our players. We can't wait to share them with our community," said Rubin
Curious gamers can tune into the game's live demo at the Next Xbox unveiling through Xbox.com, Xbox Live, or SPIKE TV on May 21st. Call of Duty Ghosts is expected to release on Sony's PS3 and PS4, PC, and Microsoft's Xbox 360 and next generation console, on November 5, 2013.

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